I . Enrollment Module

-          Kindergarten ,Primary ,Secondary, High School Registration and Payment Receipt

-          Short Couse Registration and Payment Receipt (English , Chinese, Computer,…)

-          Services Payment Receipt (Car Transportation, Food Service ,Sport Services, Uniform, Other Service)

-          Daily Payment Report

-          Student Payment Alert Report

-          Student Payment Late Report

II. Administration Module

-          Student Register (Grade 1-12)

-          Group Study (Group of Class)

-          Student in Group(List of Student in Class)

-          Student Change Group ( Student Change Class or Session )

-          Group Student Change Group(Group Student Passed or move to other Group)

-          Student Drop(Add Student Drop or Suspend)

-          Student Attendant

-          Student Score (Grade 1-6 and Grade 7 -12)

III .  Kindergarten Module and Short Course (As the Same Flow of Administration Module)

      IV . Account Management

-          Manage Tuition Fee (Can set Fee by Grade , Year, Session ,Study Time )

-          Manage Service Fee

-          Manage Service and Service Type

-          Manage Student Stop or Suspend Service

-          Manage Income and Expense

V . Global Module

-          Manage Subject

-          Manage Teacher

-          Manage Degree

-          Manage Grade

-          Manage Room

-          Manage occupation…

VI . User Module

-          Manage User and Permission

-          Manage User Type

VII . Report Module

-          Daily Payment and Detail Report

-          Service Fee and Tuition Fee Report

-          Student Payment by Category Report

-          Student Stop and Suspense Service Report

-          Student Balance Report

-          Income and Expense Report

-          Expect income Report

-    Student Payment Late Report

-          Student Payment Aler

-    Student List Report 

-          Student List in Group Report

-          Student Score Report

-          Student Attendant Report

-          Student Change Group Report

-          Student Drop   Report


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